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Art directior, director of cinematography and photographer. He worked on some of the biggest european animation fearture films. The range of work includes concept design, set design, matte painting and illustration as well.
Ralph Niemeyer Production Design
Ralph Niemeyer Production Design Ralph Niemeyer works as a production designer, photographer, art director and cinematographer and in all his professional fields he is constantly searching for the perfect composition. The search for this has been the constant in his career. After leaving school, he quickly found his way to films, where he worked, among other things, as a camera assistant, property master, and first gaffer for documentation films and well-known German television series, which were awarded the Grimme Prize among others. During this period he began his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. This was followed by a remarkable career in animation film for well-known cinema productions that garnered numerous international awards, including the German Film Prize in Germany. His photographic work is informed by a language of film images concerned with powerful, easily read, and expressive compositions. In postprocessing his pictures, he creates in part completely new lighting and colour moods, as is the norm in films, to achieve a particular expression in each work... abstract of the article Beijing a culture in transition Marquess magazine 2010

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